Onions can be processed by FOODCONS manual and semi-automated machines. All onion slicers/ cutters/ wedgers are listed below.

Onion cutting / onion wedging / onion slicing

FOODCONS machines cut onions into uniform slices or wedges. Sharp blades guarantee a perfect cutting result. Next to manual cutters, we supply our semi-automated onion slicers F2000 and F3000 which are electrically driven. FOODCONS onion slicers/ cutters/ wedgers cut very precisely. The onion slices or wedges can directly be processed further.

Small quantities up to 600 pieces per hour are produced most efficiently by FOODCONS manual onion cutter F1000. This onion wedger provides perfect cutting results and has a robust construction. High-quality blades cut the onions into uniform slices or wedges.

Medium quantities up to 1200 pieces per hour can be processed by the semi-automated FOODCONS F2000 onion slicer/ cutter/ wedger that can cut two onions at a time. Simple handling combined with a perfect result is distinctive for this onion slice and wedging machine.

High quantities up to 3600 pieces per hour of onions are produced by the concentricity slicer and wedger F3000. Semi-automation allows for fast onion processing and perfect cutting results. The handling of this onion slice and wedging machine is easy and safe.

FOODCONS slice and wedging machines are universally utilizable and thus, can be used for different vegetables or fruits. They cover various product characteristics and always reach a perfect cutting result.

All of FOODCONS vegetable and fruit slice and wedging cutters have a CE declaration of conformity and are FDA approved.