Our brandnew FS-3600 is a further development of the extremely successful F3000. Our designers particularly emphasized hygienic aspects as well as simplicity of operation and a fast tool change.

Wing doors in the front and back, an open rack, a foldable control cabinet, and a fold-up, open designed belt body ensure a simple access to the interior of the machine, whereby simple and efficient cleaning is given.
The newly developed quick-change system of the blades allows for machine modification within a few minutes.

In addition to slice and wedge cuts, the FS-3600 is able to also cut sticks. This multifunctionality especially pays off because you do not have the necessity of having multiple machines anymore.

Same as with the F3000, the FS-3600 still impresses with its cutting quality and equal cutting results – with an impressive capacity of 3600 pieces per hour.

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